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1、 Business objectives
Enterprise vision: create international brand and prosper Chinese industry
2、 Enterprise values
Core values: honest, practical, inclusive and innovative
Enterprise spirit: dedication, pragmatism and efficient change
Enterprise style: vigorous running, unity and cooperation are bound to win
3、 Business philosophy
Business philosophy: once you have dealt with each other, you will always be friends; success is built on honesty and efforts will pay off
Management concept: set an example, be fair, reward and punishment, strictly respect employees
Employment concept: talent is the most valuable resource
Service concept: respect customers, understand customers and treat customers kindly
Learning philosophy: make learning a habit of life
Quality concept: today's quality and service is tomorrow's market
Incorruptible concept: incorruptible is a high voltage line that no one can touch
Safety concept: the life and health of employees are above all else

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Address: No.83, Tiexi North Street, Kaiyuan Economic Development Zone, Kaiyuan city, Tieling City, Liaoning Province