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Recruit Employee welfare Training development Application notes
Salary management: design comprehensive salary and benefits in combination with the personal development of employees. The income of employees includes basic salary and bonus based on the comprehensive performance of the company, team and individual. At the same time, our company has established a number of reward and incentive mechanisms for excellent employees to encourage and realize the sustainable development of employees and enterprises. And adjust the salary level of employees according to the market salary level.

Insurance management: handle local social insurance for employees; accident insurance, etc.
Dining for employees: the company is equipped with a multi-functional restaurant, which provides reasonable buffet for employees for free. Each meal includes two meals and one soup.

Staff accommodation: the staff apartment is equipped with digital TV, full coverage of wireless network, independent toilet, 24-hour hot water supply, double staff enjoy husband and wife room, and provide comfortable accommodation environment for staff.

Skills allowance: fully tap the production potential of employees, cultivate "one post and multiple abilities" composite talents, set up skills evaluation activities, and provide quarterly allowances for high skilled personnel.

Team building activities: in order to enhance mutual understanding among colleagues, enhance their trust in the team and others, cultivate team spirit of assistance, release pressure, and face life and work with a more positive and optimistic attitude, the company regularly organizes team building activities for key personnel.

Home leave: the management and technical personnel can enjoy the reimbursement of home leave expenses according to the company's regulations.

Free physical examination: regularly organize physical examination for employees.

Book borrowing: open the library for the staff free of charge and borrow books and magazines.

Staff activity center: provide free use of badminton, table tennis, table tennis and other facilities for staff.
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