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Recruit Employee welfare Training development Application notes


1、Each employee can enjoy different standards of training funds according to different levels, and the training funds increase according to the length of service and position of the individual, and are controlled by the employees when they use them for further education.

2、Diversified training forms

3、On the job academic education
It cooperates with famous universities to provide on-the-job academic education, formulate training mechanism for excellent employees, and send excellent employees to study at home and abroad all the year round. At present, it has selected excellent employees to participate in MBA, EMBA, master of engineering, etc. of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Peking University, etc., and has organized four junior college and undergraduate adult education, including business administration, mechanical and electrical integration, within the enterprise Class to improve the theoretical knowledge and education of employees.
4、 Practice base of Northeast Forestry University
Liaoning Huayuan heavy equipment Co., Ltd. cooperates with Northeast Forestry University to establish teaching and scientific research practice base, so that interns can learn more about Huayuan company and mechanical equipment.

一、Good working platform
The company adopts "diversified development channel for employees". Employees can choose expert channel and management channel according to the needs of enterprises and personal characteristics. Expert development channel is a special channel for employees engaged in technical work in technical research and development, process quality and other professional fields. The first designer of the company can enjoy the same treatment as the general manager. Management channel is a development channel designed for management and other related professionals. "Diversified development path of employees" follows the concept of "step-by-step, process training" of talent sustainable training, provides every employee with sufficient opportunities for self-development, so that everyone can find a suitable position, maximize the ability of all kinds of talents, and avoid the disadvantages of the traditional enterprise only one way of management promotion from the system.

二、Diversified growth opportunities:
       (一)Job rotation: the system of job rotation enables employees to improve their professional skills in different positions.
       (二)Job transfer: on the basis of excellent job, the individual is willing to work in other positions, and can apply for job transfer when there is a corresponding position vacancy.
       (三)Competitive position: when there is an important position vacancy in a department of the company, and there is no suitable person in the Department, all employees of the company have the opportunity to participate in the competitive position.
三、Reserve talent pool:
       In order to establish and improve the talent training mechanism, reasonably excavate, develop and cultivate reserve talents, establish talent echelon, and provide various promotion channels for excellent employees. It can enter the talent pool through recommendation, self recommendation and competition.
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