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Stereo garage Steel structure Stereoscopic warehouse
PCX vertical circulation stereo parking equipment
Vertical circulation stereo garage is a kind of mechanical stereo garage, which uses the parking equipment to access the vehicle by circulating with the vertical direction of the ground. It is mainly composed of advanced mechanical transmission system, intelligent control system, safety monitoring system, high-strength steel structure framework, vehicle platform, etc. Through the control of frequency conversion system, stable drive, and then through the high-precision chain wheel mechanism to upload the vehicle platform cycle movement to complete the vehicle access work.
PSH lifting and traverse
The lifting and traversing type parking equipment realizes the access of the vehicle by driving the chain to drive the platform lifting of the vehicle by the motor. Famous for "safety and convenience", equipped with perfect safety device and control system, simple structure, standardized design, large-scale production, fast installation and mature operation. The three-dimensional garage of lifting and moving type includes ground type and underground type, and the ground type can be made into six, five, four, three and two floors as required. The third and fourth floor garages are mostly.
Three dimensional parking equipment for stacking in PXD roadway
Each system of roadway stacking parking equipment has a stacker, which can move horizontally on the track. At the same time, the stacker has a platform that can be lifted and lowered. On the platform, Weihua robot intelligent handling robot is responsible for the exchange of vehicles from the stacker to the berth. The whole system accesses vehicles at designated positions through the combination of horizontal and vertical movements. Vehicles only need to park at the entrance and exit to access vehicles The whole process is automatically completed by the system.
PCs vertical lifting stereo parking equipment
The vertical lift type three-dimensional garage adopts the same principle and structure as the elevator. The driver only needs to park the car at the entrance and exit, and the car elevator will automatically lift and carry the car to the nearest empty parking space to complete the whole parking process. It is a kind of equipment with high space utilization. The conventional land of about 55 square meters can accommodate 50 parking spaces, with a height of 45 meters. The advantage is that it covers a small area and is very suitable for parking in small and narrow areas. It can be used as an independent building, but also embedded in the original building, integrated with the main building, with beautiful appearance, improving the architectural taste and value. This type of garage is a kind of advanced parking equipment in the market, which realizes vehicle access by means of the vertical lifting of the intermediate carrier and the horizontal moving of the comb carrier plate.
Intelligent comb handling machine
It has many advantages and great significance to realize the parking mode of comb frame and abandon the traditional plate parking mode. Through the test and reliability test of different specifications and models of vehicles by the prototype, the technology is characterized by short access and handover time, high operation efficiency, straight-line distance vehicle pick-up and single return delivery time less than 25s; the maximum lifting rated mass is 2.5t, covering more than 95% of the vehicle types including SUV type, which is safe and reliable; the implementation of highly automatic parking equipment makes the traditional mechanical three-dimensional parking garage larger The core technology and equipment are provided for the application and development of type and intelligence.
PJs non avoidance three-dimensional parking equipment
The non avoidance three-dimensional parking equipment is mainly composed of intelligent lifting transfer machine, charging carriage plate, track, main frame, control system, safety protection device, etc. When the car is stored, the upper parking platform will move 90 degrees outside and then the loading platform will reach the ground. The accessed vehicles can drive in (out) directly without reversing, which is simple and efficient. Each device can serve two parking spaces, and the number of parking can be multiplied. It only takes 70 seconds for a single access vehicle. The equipment installation is not limited by the site, and the construction period has little impact on the surrounding environment.
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