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Product introduction
The non avoidance three-dimensional parking equipment is mainly composed of intelligent lifting transfer machine, charging carriage plate, track, main frame, control system, safety protection device, etc. When the car is stored, the upper parking platform will move 90 degrees outside and then the loading platform will reach the ground. The accessed vehicles can drive in (out) directly without reversing, which is simple and efficient.
Each device can serve two parking spaces, and the number of parking can be multiplied. It only takes 70 seconds for a single access vehicle. The equipment installation is not limited by the site, and the construction period has little impact on the surrounding environment.

Product advantage
1. The construction is simple, fast and beautiful
The equipment can be installed one by one with flexible construction and little impact on the environment.
The appearance of the equipment is simple and beautiful, with good permeability and harmony with the surrounding environment.
2. Parking without avoidance, intelligent access faster
Forward access vehicle, greatly reducing the difficulty of driver parking.
Garage access car adopts mobile phone app or remote control mode, easy access, intelligent and fast.
3. Reliable safety performance
PLC and main electrical components are of international famous brands.
The equipment has multiple safety guarantee measures, such as anti falling device, power-off self-locking protection, audible and visual alarm, power overload, human-machine misentry protection, automatic positioning, etc.
4. Clear ownership of equipment
This product can be added to the original ground parking space, with high independence. It does not affect the adjacent parking space during the vehicle access process, and belongs to the auxiliary equipment of the ground parking space.
5. Single column and double table to reduce equipment cost
Each equipment can serve two parking spaces on the original ground, effectively reduce the cost investment of investors, and double the number of parking spaces.
6. Low noise, low energy consumption, parking and charging
The operation of the equipment is stable, the noise is lower than 60 dB, and the power consumption of single operation is only 0.07 degrees;
Each product is equipped with charging equipment, which can charge the new energy electric car at the same time of parking.
Application scope
Non avoidance parking equipment can be installed in the original ground parking spaces and underground parking garage of squares, buildings and communities, and can be widely used in large hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, business office buildings, government agencies and residential areas and other long and narrow areas.

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