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It has many advantages and great significance to realize the parking mode of comb frame and abandon the traditional plate parking mode. Through the test and reliability test of different specifications and models of vehicles by the prototype, the technology is characterized by short access and handover time, high operation efficiency, straight-line distance vehicle pick-up and single return delivery time less than 25s; the maximum lifting rated mass is 2.5t, covering more than 95% of the vehicle types including SUV type, which is safe and reliable; the implementation of highly automatic parking equipment makes the traditional mechanical three-dimensional parking garage larger The core technology and equipment are provided for the application and development of type and intelligence.
The comb type intelligent vehicle carrier is one of the most advanced intelligent parking garage vehicle handling tools in China with advanced technology and powerful functions.
Application occasions: such as the mainstream garage Lane stacking, plane moving, circular tower warehouse, vertical moving and other garage types and other parking garage types.

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