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Product introduction
The vertical lift type three-dimensional garage adopts the same principle and structure as the elevator. The driver only needs to park the car at the entrance and exit, and the car elevator will automatically lift and carry the car to the nearest empty parking space to complete the whole parking process.
It is a kind of equipment with high space utilization. The conventional land of about 55 square meters can accommodate 50 parking spaces, with a height of 45 meters. The advantage is that it covers a small area and is very suitable for parking in small and narrow areas. It can be used as an independent building, but also embedded in the original building, integrated with the main building, with beautiful appearance, improving the architectural taste and value.
This type of garage is a kind of advanced parking equipment in the market, which realizes vehicle access by means of the vertical lifting of the intermediate carrier and the horizontal moving of the comb carrier plate.

Product advantage
      (1)With less land occupation and large vehicle capacity, it can reach an average space of only one square meter for one vehicle, greatly improving the land use rate. Highly intelligent, can reserve and access vehicles.
      (2)With comb switch technology, the speed of access vehicle is fast, and the average time of storage (retrieval) vehicle is about 75 seconds.
      (3)Intelligent management: the access vehicles are all driven forward without reversing, turning around and other actions; after the vehicles are parked at the entrance of the garage, the personnel can leave.
      (4)Safety: the system can automatically identify the personnel in the library, and the system can be started only when there is no one, which is safe and reliable.
      (5)Green environmental protection: steel structure can be designed as a separate building, or it can be integrated with the building, which is practical and beautiful to improve the taste and value of the building.
      (6)Not affected by the outside world, no swing, stable operation.
      (7)With the touch screen configuration control, the operation of the garage can be monitored in an all-round way.
Application scope
It is suitable for the downtown area, CBD business district, the area where the land is high and the parking lot cannot be built.

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