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When designing intelligent parking equipment, it has its own design style. From the existing situation, intelligent parking equipment can only play its function if it has a good design. How is this kind of equipment designed?

  First, VIP vehicle management
  In the actual design of intelligent parking equipment, there will be more VIP vehicle management here. According to the actual needs of the parking lot, all VIP vehicles in and out will be comprehensively managed, and the remote card reader will be used for effective identification. In this way, cards can be comprehensively classified, and in the actual classification, there will be more parking space reservation function Yes, there are more guidance systems. At the same time, they can all be installed on the parking lot, so that the acousto-optic device can give an alarm and guide the whole meeting charge.

  Second, parking space guidance system
  When the intelligent parking equipment is actually set up, the parking space guidance system should also be considered, which can quickly guide the car owners to find these idle parking spaces, and can greatly improve the use efficiency of the parking lot. When the whole mainstream parking space guidance system surpasses the ultrasonic wave guidance system, the implementation of the whole guidance system can be installed in each parking space An ultrasonic detector to monitor the occupancy of each parking space, and then install indicator lights on it.

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