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Why are three-dimensional parking devices so popular? Nowadays, many parking lots basically choose stereo parking equipment, which is widely used. Why is this kind of equipment so popular now?

       (1) The three-dimensional parking equipment itself uses the full-automatic intelligent garage to carry out the overall parking. It uses computers, cameras and related handling equipment to carry out the system parking. In the whole process of handling, all the equipment are robot centered storage process is very simple, as long as the user drives the entire car to the entrance of the turntable, no After backing up and entering the warehouse, swiping the card, such a storage system can be completely delivered to the robot system, and you can see in the monitor that your car is moved to the appropriate position by the machine.

       (2) From the perspective of product classification of three-dimensional parking equipment, this kind of parking equipment itself is also the storage type parking, and this kind of parking equipment itself also has more core exchange technology. Different cars arrive at different parking spaces in different ways, so there are different parking modes when parking.
       (3)In fact, from the existing situation, the three-dimensional parking equipment itself has many advantages that other equipment can't match. This kind of equipment needs to carry out the conversion of each parking lot, without any ramp, and occupies relatively small space on the ground.

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