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Product introduction
Each system of roadway stacking parking equipment has a stacker, which can move horizontally on the track. At the same time, the stacker has a platform that can be lifted and lowered. On the platform, Weihua robot intelligent handling robot is responsible for the exchange of vehicles from the stacker to the berth. The whole system accesses vehicles at designated positions through the combination of horizontal and vertical movements. Vehicles only need to park at the entrance and exit to access vehicles The whole process is automatically completed by the system.
This type of garage is suitable for underground and building interior, and can meet the use requirements of the above ground or underground garage from 2 to 8 floors, so as to realize automatic, fast and safe access to the car.

Product advantage
      (1)The automatic parking system has high efficiency, which enables multiple people to access the vehicle at the same time;
      (2)The product adopts the consistent combined frame design, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly;
      (3)Fully enclosed construction, minimum requirement of concrete structure floor height; safe and reliable access vehicle;
      (4)The operation is simple and fast, which can be managed centrally and operated by customers themselves;
      (5)It can be used not only on the ground but also in the underground garage, with fast access speed and no need to reverse or turn around;
      (6)Weihua robot transfer robot exchange mode is adopted;
Application scope
       Applicable groups: banks, hotels, hospitals, institutions, schools and residential areas.

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