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Stereo garage Steel structure Stereoscopic warehouse

Product introduction
       The lifting and traversing type parking equipment realizes the access of the vehicle by driving the chain to drive the platform lifting of the vehicle by the motor. Famous for "safety and convenience", equipped with perfect safety device and control system, simple structure, standardized design, large-scale production, fast installation and mature operation.
The three-dimensional garage of lifting and moving type includes ground type and underground type, and the ground type can be made into six, five, four, three and two floors as required. The third and fourth floor garages are mostly.

Product advantage
       (1)The market share is more than 80%, the technology is stable and mature, the failure rate is low, the maintenance cost is low, and the cost performance is high.
       (2)In the case of limited land area, it can maximize the increase of parking space, with low cost of equipment foundation civil engineering, easy construction, short construction period and free relocation.
       (3)Solid structure: extra large, extra wide, extra heavy, can be designed according to the needs of customers suitable for parking various types of vehicles parking equipment.
       (4)Flat in, flat out and zero slope design, the width of the platform is more than 2.1 meters, even the novice can easily park in the warehouse.
       (5)The overall bending bevel beam design can effectively prevent the tire from scratching.
       (6)Four point independent electromagnet independent hook anti falling safety device, all-round guarantee of vehicle safety, no worries.
       (7)All kinds of humanized safety devices are designed, such as the human vehicle misentry device, door misopening detection device, super long detection device, super high detection device of each floor, etc.
       (8)It can be equipped with automatic lifting safety protection door device to provide more safety guarantee for vehicles and personnel.
Application scope
It has strong adaptability and can be placed in any combination according to different terrain and space. Widely used in banks, hotels, government departments, schools, residential areas and underground parking garage transformation.
This type of garage is suitable for underground and building interior, and can meet the use requirements of the above ground or underground garage from 2 to 8 floors, so as to realize automatic, fast and safe access to the car.
Product advantage
       (1)The automatic parking system has high efficiency, which enables multiple people to access the vehicle at the same time;
       (2)The product adopts the consistent combined frame design, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly;
       (3)Fully enclosed construction, minimum requirement of concrete structure floor height; safe and reliable access vehicle;
       (4)The operation is simple and fast, which can be managed centrally and operated by customers themselves;
       (5)It can be used not only on the ground but also in the underground garage, with fast access speed and no need to reverse or turn around;
       (6)Weihua robot transfer robot exchange mode is adopted;
Application scope
       Applicable groups: banks, hotels, hospitals, institutions, schools and residential areas.

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