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Stereo garage Steel structure Stereoscopic warehouse

 Product introduction
       Vertical circulation stereo garage is a kind of mechanical stereo garage, which uses the parking equipment to access the vehicle by circulating with the vertical direction of the ground. It is mainly composed of advanced mechanical transmission system, intelligent control system, safety monitoring system, high-strength steel structure framework, vehicle platform, etc. Through the control of frequency conversion system, stable drive, and then through the high-precision chain wheel mechanism to upload the vehicle platform cycle movement to complete the vehicle access work.
Product advantage
       (1)High floor area ratio: it covers a small area, has a large capacity, and can park 10-20 vehicles by using two ground parking spaces.
       (2)Fast access: multiple parking spaces share a set of control system, so it takes less time and faster to access vehicles.
       (3)Safe and reliable: strict control of raw materials, automatic production line, high precision, safe and reliable, low comprehensive failure rate.
       (4)Intelligent management: the use of intelligent management mode can achieve unattended.
       (5)Simple installation: easy operation and short installation period.
       (6)Flexible layout: it can be installed separately or in rows. It can be easily arranged without large area lighting, saving electric energy.
       (7)Convenient access: each set of equipment has independent access to avoid congestion during centralized vehicle access.
       (8)Light and beautiful: diversified external packaging design mode, so that the garage and the environment are integrated.
       (9)The equipment can be equipped with random circulating charging pile, which is convenient and quick for parking and charging.
       (10)Standardized, modular design, easy to move, move, can be used twice.
Application scope
       It is widely installed in banks, hospitals, commercial supermarkets, new and old residential areas, enterprises and institutions, tourist areas and other places. It saves land, has a large capacity, is easy to install, and is convenient to move. The storage of vehicles is 5-10 times of that of the ground. Mobile charging piles can be installed according to the demand to provide charging services for new energy vehicles; overall planning and personalized customization can be carried out according to the surrounding environment to become a beautiful landscape.

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