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At about 5:15 p.m. on July 3, Kaiyuan city was hit by a sudden tornado. The wind speed nearby reached 23 m / S (Level 9), lasting for about 20 minutes, accompanied by hail and heavy rainfall. Huayuan company is located in the northwest of Kaiyuan Economic Development Zone, and the area less than 500m away is a serious disaster area. The factory buildings, vehicles and personnel in the area nearby are damaged to varying degrees.

Figure 1 transportation of materials by rescue team of Huayuan company

Figure 2: General Manager Meng Xiaoxin leads the team to offer condolences to the staff

Figure employees of Sanhua original company participate in rescue

On July 4, Meng Xiaoxin, general manager of Huayuan company, led some employees to form a rescue team, actively participated in the rescue and rescue activities, and sent materials and the most sincere condolences to the staff who continued to fight on the front line. After the tornado hit, some roads were blocked. The front-line staff of Huayuan company actively helped to clear the roads and participate in the maintenance.
As a key leading enterprise in Kaiyuan city, Huayuan company has always regarded the fulfillment of social responsibility as the behavior way for the enterprise to pursue the maximization of the comprehensive value of economy, society and environment, and it also adheres to the fine tradition of Weihua group with "giving back to the society and achieving employees". Disasters are merciless and people have feelings. May our modest efforts help the city get rid of its difficulties quickly.

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